me priyadarshini, student. some days before my mother detect cancer of breast by doctor. told that not to worry, can cure easy. but I still have some problem. not being able to choose which form of breast cancer treatment is good for amma. Please help make correct selection for future. I will be very glad.
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If your physician has stated there is no cause for concern, the cancer is probably benign or curable in nature. But the final treatment process your doctor opts for will depend on the following factors: • The type of breast cancer developed by the patient • Size of the tumor and how far the disease has spread through the patient’s body • Rate of growth of the cancer • Possibility of spread or reoccurrence of the cancer post-treatment • Effectiveness of specific therapies on the condition • The age of the patient and the current status of her health • Preference of the patient regarding treatment option Selecting the right treatment to beat breast cancer is not a rush decision. You need to weigh the pros and cons of different treatments and discuss which option works the best in your case.

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