doctor, I red in a health blog tht sedentary lifestyle cause nightfall. I lov 2 exercs nyway….but lk Yoga d best..r thr any Yoga poses cn u recommend 4 stop nightfall..or I just begin with anything and any Yoga poses will help control or cure it?
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Paschimottanasana or seated forward bend pose and Brahmacharyasana or Celibate’s pose are two Yoga asanas effective in treating nightfall. You can take up these exercises on a daily basis and notice quick results. These benefit your sexual health in many other ways as well. For Celibate’s pose, sit upright on your knees while resting your hands on the knees. Now lay your buttocks completely on the floor by making space between the thighs. Maintain this posture for five to ten minutes. On the other hand, the seated forward bend pose is attained by stretching the legs forwards and touching the toes with your fingers. While doing this, the legs must be kept erect. Also, try to lay your nose or forehead on the knees and elbows sideways to the knees. Stay in this posture for a few minutes.

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