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my son is in 6th standard but looks shorter than his class fellows. I wanted to learn abt some Yoga Pose which can help raise his height naturally as I dnt trust market medicines for my children..
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Tadasana is a good choice to stretch all of your body muscles from head to toe in one long stroke. The posture stimulates the release of the growth hormone by building up pressure in all body areas. Stand upright on the floor with the neck, waist and legs forming a linear line. The feet should be drawn towards each other and the hands be resting sideways, with the palms facing the thighs. Slowly, take both of your arms up in the air while breathing in deeply. Now stand on your toes and lift the heels up. Stretch your body upwards as much as possible with the arms and legs absolutely upright. Make the boy do this exercise daily for a couple of months till you see the benefits unfold.

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