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Me and wife are simple middle class. We have no children and happy. But now Namrata my wife showing problem symptoms and doctor saying that she could be OCD positive. I want solution to problem with the best ocd treatment available in India.
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OCD treatments may not entirely cure the problem, but they are quite effective in bringing most of the symptoms under control, so they stop affecting the life of the patient entirely. A few individuals require treatment for the majority of their lives. Medication and psychotherapy are the two main forms of treatment for OCD. In most instances, treatment depends on a combination of both: • Psychotherapy: ERP is the most effective therapeutic treatment. This involves exposing the patient gradually to objects of fear or obsession, like dirt and teaching them healthy methods to cope with the anxiety. This therapy takes practice and effort, but does hold the promise of a better quality of life. Therapy may involve the individual, group or family sessions. • Medication: Specific kinds of psychiatric medication help control the compulsions and obsessions associated with OCD. The first line of treatment involves the use of antidepressants. FDA-approved antidepressants include fluvoxamine, sertraline, paroxetine, clomipramine, and fluoxetine. But there are other psychiatric drugs and antidepressants used to treat other problems that may be prescribed to OCD individuals.

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