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Helo, iam 21 n due to my job search, im v stressed for few days…kindly guide m about some best meditation way to feel better you know?
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Well, you can practice Yoga nidra or yogic sleep that provides deep relaxation to the mind and body. It is like an interval stage between waking and sleeping in which intense physical relaxation is practiced along with being conscious of the world within you. Sensory withdrawal must be done with your eyes, nose, skin and other sense organs that must disengage more and more from their surroundings. To start, lie on your back and gently direct your mind and body into an awareness of these physical sensations. Become conscious of each part of your body, moving from top till bottom. Also, be aware of your breathing, as the air fills in and moves out of your lungs. Notice how the stomach swells and resides again with each breath. Now embrace all the feelings, sensations, images, thoughts, memories, opinions, self-perceptions, etc. – however negative – that come to your mind, countering each with their polar opposites. Example: replace stress with peace. As you do this, you will notice joy and calm springing inside you. Spread this positivity throughout your system. Shift consciousness onto yourself, on-looking and experiencing the self as a witness. To conclude, go over the journey just made once again. Cherish it deeply inside you. You will feel convinced that this state of self-awareness recently lived gives you sheer tranquility. Resort to it in times of trouble in everyday life. Finally comes the moment to get back to waking state, and reconnecting with what is around you. Do this at a slow pace, internalizing the delight yogic sleep provided you.

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