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wtz the best form of meditation if 1 want reduce stress? Lots of domestic responsibilities hv recently come on me due 2 vch m feeling v stressed. Im a newly wed gal……bin meditating for yrs b4 my marriage, but I want 2 focus now on sum anti-stress meditation method……….
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Transcendental meditation will be a good choice for you. It has special effectiveness in fighting stress, when done over a period of time. If you are spiritually inclined, it will be easier for you to undertake it every day. All you need to do is settle down in a comfy chair. Your feet should rest on the floor and hands on the lap. Now comes the step to ease off your body in preparation for a dedicated repetition of an incantation. For this, shut your eyes close and calm yourself down by breathing deeply. Once you feel completely at peace, open your eyes and close them again, this time to finally start the repetition of your chosen incantation. Say the words over and over again in your mind, as long as you can, bypassing distracting thoughts and redirecting attention onto the incantation.

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