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Pls suggest sm best ayurvedic medicines for wet drmz? I gt nightfall often…lk 4-5 times a weak. Im 23…….wt other tips u cn gv m?
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Dr. Raveendran SR

Diabetologist, Sexologist, Medical Microbiologist

Ayurvedic treatment for nightfall is simple and effective. Your approach should be holistic, meaning disciplining your mind, body and lifestyle together. Opt for nutritious wholesome foods that will load you with nutrients to compensate for the loss during night emissions. Plus, the herbs you take for nightfall also work better with a healthy diet. Similarly, meditation before sleeping calms you down internally and anchors your thoughts, diverting them away from carnal desires. Yoga also relaxes you and certain poses are known to reduce nightfall – Uttanapadasana (raised legs pose), Brahmacharyasana (floating stick pose) and Kandharasana (shoulder pose). You can also go for cold water bath right before entering bed to get sound sleep and cut back chances of nocturnal discharges. Shilajit, ashwagandha and triphala are the herbal remedies that nourish, strengthen and revitalize your body preventing weakness that can come from nightfall. Shilajit controls stress and anxiety – that are triggers for nightfall.

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