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I often hear protein protein on tv n youtube, that it should be an important part of diet to reduce weight…..how exactly do protein helps in weight loss? Wt r its other benefits? Im Kashish from Shimla, 28 years.
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Right. Protein is the most important nutrient to lose weight and get into shape. It boosts metabolism and reduces appetite. It also regulates the weight-controlling hormones of the body. Our brain actively controls our weight by deciding the quantity and time of our eating. For this, the brain receives signals from different sources including the hormones that change in response to our feeding. With increased protein intake, satiety hormones lift up while the hunger hormones drop down. Appetite is curbed as a result that helps us put off excess weight. Second, our body burns certain amount of calories in the process of digesting and metabolizing food – called thermic effect. In comparison to carbs, a higher thermic effect of food is visible with protein intake. In fact, more calories – 80-100 extra – are burnt throughout the day including during the sleep with protein consumption.

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