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My baby is 1.5 years and has red skin patches on his arms, neck. How can I treat the eczema?
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Eczema in babies is common; however, the symptoms could be mild or severe. The most common eczemas in this age group are atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis and diaper dermatitis. It would be best to see a pediatric dermatologist who will prescribe baby emollient ointments, creams, lotions, bath additives, steroid products, etc. depending on the skin condition. Meanwhile, you can generously moisturize your baby's skin many times a day to control flare-ups. Pick dye-free, scent-free, chemicals-free products for your child’s extra sensitive skin. Emollients with oats, ceramides, coconut, sunflower or sesame oils, paraffin, jojoba, petroleum jelly, white mallow, etc. are some popular choices for baby eczema. Virgin coconut oil can be a good and cheap substitute for the expensive emollients. These will help soothe the skin and control symptoms. Apply them in downward soft strokes immediately after baths to soak up the water.

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