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im 29 and suffer from nightfall…..I wnt to know abt d best medicines for this thing? Ayurvedic or otherwise…….but as I prefer natural things, it would b bettr if u say sm herbal options only……
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Dr. Raveendran SR

Diabetologist, Sexologist, Medical Microbiologist

Shilajit, ashwagandha and triphala are Ayurvedic remedies for wet dreams. Shilajit curbs stress, tension and anxiety and boosts confidence. It improves blood flow in the body, including in the genitals and fosters pelvic muscles and penile nerves. Stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions are one of the known causes of nightfall. Triphala nourishes the body, making up for the loss of nutrients during night discharges. Thereby, it helps prevent physical debilitation that can possibly result from nightfall. Ashwagandha and shilajit also improve the quality, viscosity and count of sperms. All of the herbs revitalize you and provide endurance. They work on the physiological and psychological aspects of nightfall and aid to control the problem. Also, do not go for random allopathic medicines available in the market, without consulting a doctor first.

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