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my dad’s age 54..he not able to poop for quiet 1-2 weeks..we shwd 2 Dr. HE said he has some atonic constipation. ANy home treatments for this u have? Dad doesn’t lk tkng medicines a lot……
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Atonic constipation is also called the condition of colon stasis or lazy colon. It is caused by low intestinal muscle tension of the colon, pelvic floor or abdominal wall. It often occurs in the elderly (due to weak muscle tone), diabetics (due to intestinal nerve damage), women (pelvic floor weakness) and in those who have been taking laxatives for long. Enemas, biofeedback and bowel retraining are usually recommended to cure atonic constipation. Bowel retraining involves a set of behavioral habits to stimulate excretion. Fixing meal timings and the timings you go to the loo are some examples. In case the cause is digestion related, biofeedback is suggested in which a visual monitor records external anal sphincter pressures of a patient as he/she pushes downwards while excreting. Patients are made to change their response based on the measurements of their anal muscle activity. Lastly, enemas are devices that introduce a liquid, example mineral oil, into the patient's large intestine via the anus. While bowel retraining can be practiced at home, you would need to visit a doctor for the other treatments. Even otherwise, it is advisable that you meet a physician first to identify the exact cause of your father’s constipation and get suitable treatment.

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