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My beti Anisha is 16 year old and is health person. One day she cough up lot of mucus and we take her to family doctor. He say it is asma. But we do not know asthma symptoms habve cough mucus. What is this?
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The color of a person’s phlegm changes when they are ill. A small quantity of white phlegm does not affect a person’s asthma. But it could be a sign of inflamed airways, and that the asthma symptoms are getting worse. If the color of the phlegm is green or yellow, it could indicate infections that trigger asthma symptoms, which could leave the person feeling breathless or wheezing, chest tightness or coughing. Streaked red phlegm is a sign of chest infections that often trigger asthma symptoms. Black or brown phlegm indicates the presence of chemicals in cigarettes that trigger asthma symptoms.

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