Are bleeding irregularities common during menopause?

Dr. Sankar Das Mahapatra

Infertility Specialist
Studies show that many women have heavy and extended menstrual bleeding at the time of menopause. The menstrual periods for the majority of women in their 30s can normally be predicted. However, once women step into their 40s and hit menopausal age, their menstrual periods change drastically. Such changes can be extremely uncomfortable, and make women concerned about the status of their health. But most women have nothing to worry about, and the symptoms are completely natural. The moment a woman’s ovaries stop progesterone and estrogen hormone production, they enter menopause. This phase lasts anywhere between 2 and 10 years. In most cases, menopause occurs naturally after women hit the age of 45. Women require descriptive details regarding the expected bleeding changes. Clear guidance allows women to anticipate bleeding pattern changes and avoid medical attention. Studies conducted on more than 1,300 US women between 42 and 52 years of age found that 91 percent reported bleeding for more than 10 days, while 88 percent experienced spotting for 6 days or more. In fact, three-fourths of the respondents suffered from heavy bleeding for three or more days at the time of menopause. Changes in bleeding pattern is not always a cause for concern. If you suspect menopause problems, consult a doctor to be sure, and seek treatment if necessary.
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