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Me male 27. Have feelings of lowness and alone for some time. Friend took me to doctor who said I am anxiety attack. Now I read about causes Internet pe but I want informashon on symptoms. Any help.
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Anxiety affects numerous people at some point in their lives. Recognizing the symptoms is the first step towards managing anxiety. These include: • Excessive worrying on most days for a minimum period of six months which is often difficult to control. • Patients feel agitated. They sweat, shake, and experience dry mouth and rapid heartbeat. These symptoms may continue for extended periods of time. • Restlessness alone isn’t enough for diagnosing anxiety disorder, but it is one of the major symptoms, especially if it takes place regularly. • Another symptom is fatigue, which can be either chronic or triggered after an anxiety attack. • Patients report difficulty concentrating. • Sweating, giddiness, dizziness, nausea, tingling sensation, heavy-headedness, congestion in the chest, choking sensation, etc. are some other symptoms.

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