Myself Ravi age 22. I am suffering from anxiety and depression and that causing problem with my life. Cannot mix with people and need help. Is there treatment for problem?
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Anxiety and depression are flip sides of the same coin. When you’re depressed you often feel anxious, and anxiety tends to breed depression. If you suffer from both conditions, you need medical help. • Talk Therapy: Professional therapists can develop a plan for treating your depression and anxiety simultaneously using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Problem-Solving, and Interpersonal Therapy. • Exercise: Exercise elevates your mood and is good for the mind and body. It also raises your confidence and self-esteem and can significantly improve your relationships. • Meditation: Meditation can prove helpful in treating both anxiety and depression. • Medication: Doctors may prescribe antidepressants to treat anxiety and depression symptoms. However, this should be the last option.

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