my son is teen, 17. Name sahil. His dandruff just not going at all only. We trying so many things. Natural home remedies failed, medicine shampoos also not work. So please recommend some v v excellent anti dandruff product that will helps to cure the problem like totally.
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When you have dandruff, regular shampooing with a mild product helps decrease skin cell buildup and oiliness that trigger flaking. If you’re unsatisfied with your routine shampoo, seek desired results from medicated ones. Products with zinc pyrithione as the chief component work upon scalp fungus that causes seborrheic eczema and dandruff. Bio cushion complex is another great ingredient to look for that helps treat the root cause of dandruff. Similarly, you can use selenium sulfide shampoos that slow down scalp skin cells from dying and falling off as white dandruff flakes. In addition, such products may succeed at controlling the growth of malassezia fungus, one of the major causes of dandruff.

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