hi my name Aparna. my skin sensitive highly and cause problems. i get allergic reaction and have to take medicine. what are type of allergic skin disease?
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Skin irritations affect most people at a certain stage. These irritations are varied and common, resulting in confusion. But the most common problems include: • Angioderma and Hives: Antihistamines are used to provide relief for these conditions. The trigger should be avoided and routine testing is important. Although connected to hives, angioderma involves swelling that affects the lips, hands, feet, eyelids, and tongue. Insect stings, drugs, and foods are the main reasons behind the development of angioderma. • Dermatitis: This type of skin inflammation leads to itchy, patchy, and scaly red rash. • Eczema: This chronic skin condition is connected to asthma, allergic rhinitis, and food allergy. The main focus of treatment is to prevent itching.

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