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hi doctor, what are aerobic exercises? which al aerobic exercises cn I try at home to lose weight? I want to see result fast…..my wedding is next month..
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Aerobic or cardio exercises are low to high intensity workouts that rely on an aerobic energy-generation process to fuel the exercise. Aerobic means ‘with oxygen’ and utilizes oxygen to burn fat and glucose and generate adenosine triphosphate - the chief energy carrier for cells. Multiple aerobic exercises can be tried to put off weight. Waking, dancing, indoor/outdoor cycling, jumping jacks, stair training, skipping, steppers, swimming, jogging, running, kickboxing and more come under the category of aerobic workouts. Most of these can be practiced at home or within your surroundings with little or no equipment. Aerobic exercises help you melt fat quickly, say within a month or so. They also better your stamina, cardiovascular health and vitality.

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