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ihave always had clear skin. But suddenly, because of weather or diet or somthing, I hve developed eruptions on face. It looks bad and i want to clear my skin of pimples and acne. Is some solution or treatment for works overnight?
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Want to know how to remove pimples and acne overnight with natural treatment? Instead of opting for a trial-and-error method, try some time-tested home remedies that are both safe and effective. Even if you have sensitive skin, you’ll benefit from using garlic which has antiseptic properties and cucumber which soothes the skin. You can even apply toothpaste as an ordinary facial mask or use honey which is famed for its natural wound-healing and antimicrobial properties. Lemon juice also fights off bacteria that cause acne and apple cider vinegar decreases breakouts. Tea tree oil is also a great natural remedy that reduces redness and dries out pimples while mint prevents clogged pores.

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