CareClues and Apollo Clinic Newtown Collaborated to Offer COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Test Online

CareClues had partnered with Apollo Clinic Newtown to offer COVID-19 testing in Kolkata - both drive-through and home sample collection. The initiative was successful with scores of patients having booked a test online to get a clean bill of health.

CareClues is pleased to announce the successful completion of its collaboration with Apollo Clinic Newtown to offer COVID-19 testing in Kolkata. The partner clinic has been approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the Government of India to conduct COVID-19 RT-PCR test.

Who Should Get Tested for Coronavirus?

Not everyone needs a COVID-19 test. Only the following people are advised to go for a test for timely diagnosis and treatment of the coronavirus disease.

  • Individuals with suspicious symptoms like fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, etc.
  • Symptomatic contacts of COVID-19 confirmed cases (individuals who had close contact - within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more - with COVID+ patients)
  • Individuals who fail to socially distance themselves due to reasons, such as traveling, attending mass gatherings, visiting crowded indoor settings, etc.
  • Individuals who have been recommended or referred to get tested by a healthcare provider or a government authority

In case you get tested, self-quarantine or isolate yourself at home while waiting for the results to prevent spreading the infection to others. Also, listen carefully and follow the advice of a medical professional before, during and after the test.

As per Government's guidelines, people booking a COVID-19 test through CareClues platform were mandated to submit the following documents:

  • A signed prescription for coronavirus test by a certified referring doctor
  • A government-issued photo ID proof, such as aadhaar card, voter ID, driving license, passport, etc. to validate the contact details and current address of the patient

Further, to maximize patients’ convenience, CareClues in association with its partner, Apollo Clinic Newtown had made available both drive-through and home sample collection testing.

COVID-19 Diagnosis - PCR Test

Two different types of COVID-19 tests have been approved by the FDA: antibody test and diagnostics test. Whereas the antibody test detects coronavirus antibodies in the blood to determine whether an individual was ever exposed to COVID-19, the diagnostics test determines if an individual is presently infected with the coronavirus by looking for the genetic material or specific proteins found on the virus’ surface. Typically, patients exhibiting COVID-like symptoms are recommended to go for COVID-19 diagnostics test by medical professionals.

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is considered the cornerstone of COVID-19 testing. Majority of COVID-19 diagnostics tests deploy the PCR method to diagnose an active infection. It involves collecting a mucus sample from the patient’s nose or throat on a cotton swab and examining it in the laboratory to identify traces of the coronavirus’ genetic material. From the perspective of accuracy, the PCR method ranks high no matter whether you conduct it at a hospital, a clinic, in a car or at your home.

Home Sample Collection: Benefits and Procedure

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, patients are more wary about visiting labs or clinics for various health tests or blood draws. Keeping in mind the increased safety concerns, CareClues had come up with home sample collection to minimize the risk of catching the infection. Certified phlebotomists from Apollo Clinic Newtown would collect patient samples from their home while taking all necessary precautions as per the ICMR guidelines. The swab was then brought to the clinic and analyzed medically. Finally, the reports were shared with the patients within a few days after the sample collection.

Drive-Through: Benefits and Procedure

Drive-through testing facilities allow patients to get tested while seated in their car. The testing method is not only quicker, but safer for both patients and health care workers. The testees remain quarantined inside a car that minimizes human contact and helps avoid potential infection among fellow patients and medical workers. Additionally, research studies have pointed out that the risk of coronavirus transmission is drastically reduced in well-ventilated and outdoor settings. So, drive-through testing guarantees higher safety standards in comparison to in-clinic visits. While this is the case,, COVID-19 drive-through test is also considered the most efficient method for diagnosing an active infection.

With the coronavirus pandemic still raging across the country and new cases of the disease emerging every day, symptoms associated with COVID-19 should not be taken lightly. In case of fever, loss of taste and smell, difficulty in breathing or other signs, it is advisable to consult your health care provider immediately and seek guidance for managing your condition well. COVID-19 test may be recommended as it helps detect and prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

Widespread testing tracks the scale of the outbreak and controls the spread of the virus in large geographical areas. With the government constantly trying to ramp up its testing efforts, CareClues had taken the initiative by partnering with Apollo Clinic Newtown to ensure easier access to coronavirus diagnostics test in Kolkata.

At present, we are offering online doctor consultations to allow patients to resolve their health problems remotely amid the outbreak. We stand strongly committed to our mission of making quality healthcare accessible to the remotest of regions and making our contribution to the nation in such trying times.