CareClues Hospital Management System
It’s Magical

  • Seamlessly Manage Medical Records and Patient Data using Cutting Edge Cloud Technology
  • Improve Hospital Operations with Unmatched Digital Efficiency
  • Escalate Revenue and Business Propensity by Defying Borders

Key Features

Single Window View for all Appointments

Zenefits couples innovative technology with deep insurance expertise to simplify benefits management and help you find the ideal package for your company.

  • Instant access to 31,000+ insurance plans and 400+ carriers
  • Step-by-step guidance for you and your employees when selecting plans and benefits
  • Full integration with Zenefits systems to automatically offer benefits during onboarding, offer COBRA to departing employees, and calculate deductions each pay period
  • All-in-one debit card to simplify management of HSA, FSA, and commuter benefits
  • Licensed to operate in every U.S. state


CareClues’ intelligent time window algorithm helps in maximizing patient appointment and manage ever increasing patient footfall in your esteemed medical institute.

  • View doctor’s schedule along with all related information of your practitioners.
  • Use customizable time window to enhance productivity of the practitioners.
  • Reduce No-Shows drastically by predetermining patient consultation timing in advance.

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