CareClues Offers The Most Intuitive Cross Platform Practice Management Software For Optimizing Your Time With Digital Efficacy

Turning over a new leaf, CareClues is one stop solution that helps in enriching your medical practicing skills. Accept patient appointments through social networking channels, Send digital prescriptions, Join intuitive Q&A Forums and Provide paid remote consultancy.



How CareClues Fits Practice Management ?

Get Complementary Web Presence

Get a Web presence for your online branding. Be more connected with your patients.

Register Choose Url Publish your page
  • Create your public profile instantaneously the very moment you join CareClues
  • Let Google search highlight your SEO optimized web presence in front of a global audience across geographical boundaries
  • Accept appointments digitally 24x7 - without any external help

Manage Appointment and No-Show

  • Easy slot based appointment scheduling
  • Let patients book appointments on-the-go from multiple platforms like website, mobile app or even social media
  • Enable patients to avail location based appointment booking for their convenience
  • Let patients know immediately about the status of their appointments over Email and SMS
  • Set reminders and other in-app notifications which aids in minimizing No-Show
  • Our Time-Window based intelligent appointment maker helps you to customize the number of patients you want to consult within a specific time window. Considering your expected number of no-shows you can always keep a buffer. So even if there are a few numbers of no-shows you never sit idle and your revenue keeps flowing.
  • Let your patients promptly know about your free slots, even on an ad-hoc appointment cancellations
  • Use your practicing time in a more organized fashion

Now Use Facebook for Practice

Accentuate Patient Engagement

In-App Notification

CareClues believes in savvy patient queue management. Let not your ever busy schedule pose a hindrance anymore. Notify your patients promptly about cancellations and rescheduling of appointments.

Allow patient cancellations and manage no-show without losing any patient.

Public Profile and Doctor's Blog

Create your online reputation through CareClues professional public profile. Let patients know about your expertise, schedules and practicing places.

Accentuate your reputation as a medical practitioner by sharing your knowledge though our blogs, Mail and SMS Communication.

Mail and SMS Communicationn

Be more interactive with your digital users. Send notification to the patients using Email and SMS. Reiterate your announcements.

Using multiple communication channels reasserts response from users while appointment, cancellation, no-show without the fear of missing out on lost voices.

Consultation and Digital Prescription

Capture Consultation
  • No more data loss! Get all your patient vitals and medical history on CareClues’ cloud database
  • Filter data through CareClues’ cutting edge search algorithm for super-fast patient information accessibility.
Go Paperless
  • CareClues intends to make your workspace clutter free. Go Green!
  • Sending digital prescriptions and keeping cloud based patient information - answers to the need of the hours in saving our planet’s health.
  • Don’t you want to create digital prescription? No worries! Just write your prescription on paper, take a snap and upload it to CareClues cloud database. The prescription remains tagged with the patient for ever.

Know Your Patients Beforehand

Patients can now provide Vitals & Medical History while waiting for their turn.

Get Patient's Vital and Medical History Beforehand for quick case analysis

Get Acknowledged through Q&N Forum

Can I take sleeping pills at night for reducing my broken arm pain?

Harry Mark

Dr. J Paterson

Better use an extra pillow for support!
Thank U :) Any other suggestion for faster relief?

Harry Mark

Take Vitamin D and Calcium Tab. It will help in healing faster.
  • Use your free hours helping the ailing community with your expertise.
  • Use CareClues’ SEO optimized platform to maximize your exposure as a medical practitioner.
  • Get recognized and interact with new patients.
  • As a frequent responder, get certified with CareClues’ maximum responder’s badge- which can be redeemed even at a prize every month.

Attend Location Based Home Visits

  • GET PAID HIGHER – Nothing can be more Fun than becoming the friendliest doctor in your professional neighborhood, with a fat wallet.
  • Using CareClues accept the nearest patient who wants your medical help.
  • Use GPS enabled Map View for patient location tracking.
  • Never miss out again on your patients. Plan home visits according to time and distance required for travelling.
  • Get reviewed for your home visits


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