About Us

We want you to live better and healthier. Because we believe that good health is the stepping stone to a great life.

But the truth is:

  • 1. Finding the best healthcare professionals is a struggle for most.
  • 2. Where does one even start, right?
  • 3. The internet is filled with paradoxical and confusing information and reviews, which makes making a decision, even more complicated.

Our Aim

Is to become the trusted and leading source for locating and booking the best healthcare professionals, while also helping professionals reach and help more patients.

For Patients

Careclues empowers the patient so that he or she can not only search for the best doctor but to also read other patients thoughts and book a consultation online with the expert of their choice, on their phone.

And Professionals

Doctors and healthcare professionals get to dynamically manage their online presence with Careclues. They get acquainted with the right patients to serve better and to gain new ones. Doctors can also manage their practice in a systemized manner with Careclues app.

End Result

A better relationship between a patient and the doctor, transparent communication and a plethora of information at your fingertips for you access, anytime.